FrenchSentinel is the first French Mailing List created for The Sentinel, but it's more than a ML. It's a group of friends. Our discussions aren't only about the show, we like to talk about everything we love... It can be other series, such as Stargate SG-1, which appeared in several cross-overs with TS. Some of us are fans of Visual Rock or J-Rock (for Japanese Rock), and we even managed to have some TS fics involving this music. We love other actors too, like Ewan Mc Gregor...

If you can read a bit of French, do not forget to visit the French version of this site, as it is updated more often and contains many fanfictions in our mother tongue!

We created another Mailing List, a kind of "boudoir", to be in touch with other fans from USA, Germany, Italy... Even if our english isn't very good, we're very happy to build a link with other TS fans.


15th February 2003: Happy Valentine's Day! Ok, it's one day late, but the updates on the French version of the site always come first! There is always a lot more published over there, so you can click on the little flag if you want to try your French language! Anyway, we have some new fanfics to offer you, one of which was even written in English first, then only translated in French. Feel free to send a word to the authors, or to sign our guest-book (you'll be warned of our next updates if you leave your e-mail address there). Have fun!

11th October 2002: Press articles are here! All are in English or come with a translation. If you can read French, more are available in the French section of the site. Also check our Survival Pack on the Members page!

7th October 2002: This homepage has been rebuilt to host the news and updates of the site! Soon, we will add press articles and news stories.


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